Now more cinema revenues through an additional, virtual cinema screen!
Straight on the cinema website and thus a real cinema exploitation!
Your cinema! Your program! Your additional revenues!

Enter the new age of cinema with CINEflicker and everyone benefits!

    Logo   Digital cinemahall with certified e-tickets.
    Logo   Evaluate current theatrical movies 24/7!
    Logo   Also bind visitors with other viewing habits to the cinema.
    Logo   Own cinema website is the central address for cinema fans.
    Logo   No platform, no VOD.
    Logo   More capacity means more program diversity and creative freedom.
    Logo   Opportunities for smaller films, docs and underdog films.
    Logo   In short: More revenue without additional effort.


CINEflicker provides cinema operators with an additional, virtual cinema hall. This enables the cinema operator to consistently exploit his curated film program digitally as well. This means: More variety and flexibility in the offer.


The certified, digital ticket for CINEflicker is automatically linked on the website of the cinema operator by Kinoheld.
And that means: additional business without extra effort. Billing with the distributor also takes place classically.


Cinema fans search for their cinema experience on the cinema's website and benefit from its attractive program. Thus, it is real cinema playback and not a VOD platform. Cinema simply comes home with CINEflicker.




Whether you are looking for action, thriller, romance, comedy or arthouse movies - at kinoheld you can choose your movie from the current cinema program, book your ticket online/mobile and get your cinema easily & conveniently at home with CINEflicker.


How CINEflicker works

Cinema operators who are already connected to Kinoheld simply set up an additional "CINEflicker" cinema room in their box office system. The connection with Kinoheld is done by us. At the same time, the cinema operator registers this room with the FFA. Done: Now this auditorium can be curated just like any other auditorium. The distributor supplies us with the appropriate films for CINEflicker. We take care of the rest. The billing is done by the cinema operator as before.


Cinemas with an e-ticketing solution from Kinoheld have met all the requirements for CINEflicker. This means that no change of the website or an overview of the existing film rights is necessary. With CINEflicker, basically any film (even cinema-actual) is possible.

The integration is done by the cinema operator creating a new room named CINEflicker in the program of his box office provider or having it created. The contact person for this is the support of the respective box office provider. CINEflicker is known to all box office providers, so that competent help can be provided when creating the new hall.

The maximum hall size is 100 seats and each cinema can create a maximum of one CINEflicker hall.

All screenings that now run via the CINEflicker room are now available in the widget at Kinoheld quite automatically after the usual export to the website. And with that, billing, delivery to Comscore are integrated. Everything, just as with any physical existing auditorium.

The cinema also earns just as much on CINEflicker tickets as on any other cinema ticket. Our goal is to collect the fee for CINEflicker virtually in the background via billing with Kinoheld. This way we can offer a simple process for the cinema. CINEflicker settles the share on top directly with Kinoheld.

Generally it is possible to embed any movie with CINEflicker. There are NO VOD rights necessary, since CINEflicker is considered a theatrical release. However, it is important to inform the respective distributor that he should contact TFD for the integration of the film in order to make the film available online as well. For this we need about 14 days notice. Once the film has been made available by the distributor, it is - regardless of how many cinemas still request it - no longer necessary to make the film available to us a second time.

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